Post Installation Guide: Fedora 20 “Heisenbug”

Post Installation Guide: Fedora 20 “Heisenbug”

Ok, So you’ve gone and installed Fedora 20 (Heisenbug) and you’re sitting there thinking of what to do next?

Here are some tips to get you started..

Update The System and Install The Fastest Mirror Plugin

We need to get the system updated firstly.
Press your windows key (Super) and start to type “Terminal” the dash should automatically highlight the terminal. When it does, hit Enter (Return)
Type the following

sudo yum update

Enter your password and hit Enter (return)

You should now have something like the following.

Now I do things a little different to what other guides will tell you to do. I go ahead and choose no here so that I can install yum-plugin-fastestmirror.

This will choose the best mirror to use based on speed. Which helps when you’re downloading a large chunk of updates, which I suspect will be the case on a new install.

So, choose “No” by pressing the “N” key.

Once you have been returned to the prompt input –

sudo yum install yum-plugin-fastestmirror

Select yes to install the plugin. Once that has been installed lets update the system again by issuing the same command as earlier.

sudo yum update

You can now say yes to the updates it wants to install.

This may take a while depending on connection speed and amount of updates.

Once all the updates have been downloaded and installed we will head on over to the next step.

Installing The RPM Fusion Repositories.

Still at the terminal copy and paste the following and hit Enter (Return)

su -c ‘yum localinstall –nogpgcheck$(rpm -E %fedora).noarch.rpm$(rpm -E %fedora).noarch.rpm’

Alternatively you can head on over to the RPM Fusion website and follow the graphical setup of the repositories via the FireFox web browser.

After you have completed the above you have all the software you will ever need at your fingertips.

For example, If you would like to install the FTP Client “Filezilla” you would do –

sudo yum install filezilla

In my next post I will write about the applications I install and the certain customisations I perform.

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  1. Verified this also works for Fedora 23, just replace yum with DNF (it should alias yum to dnf for you either way).

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