Beats Audio Subwoofer Not Working Correctly – Ubuntu 14.04

By | April 30, 2014

Quite a few brands of laptop come with beats audio hardware these days. My actual model is a HP Envy 17″.

When I first installed Ubuntu 14.04 I noticed the sound was very tinny and just didnt sound right at all, then I figured out that the sound wasn’t actually coming out of all the speakers on the laptop.

The only solution that I have found so far is to retask the audio using “HDAJackRetask” which is part of the “alsa-tools-gui” package.


Fire up a terminal and install the package we need by doing –

sudo apt-get install alsa-tools-gui

Once installed head over to the dash and start typing HDA until you see the Icon for HDAJackRetask appear then run the application.

Screenshot from 2014-04-30 14:35:27


Once ran, select your codec and stick a tick in the box which says “Show Unconnected Pins” and just copy my configuration from the screen shot below.

HDA Jack Retask

Click Apply now to test, You should see that the sound is a lot better than before. Once you’re happy with it hit “Install Boot Override”

Hope this helps someone, if you know of any other way to get this working please comment I’d love to hear your solutions.

This guide also works within Fedora 20.



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  • Thank you!

  • What it did to My HP Envy 15 J110tx is that the 2 speakers on top which were not working initially started working but the two at the front bottom are now not working.. any suggestions?

  • What it did to My HP Envy 15 J110tx is that the 2 speakers on top which were not working initially started working but the two at the front bottom are now not working.. any suggestions are welcome!

    EDIT: now i changed some of the settings and it worked all fine but the subwoofer one stopped

    • Waqar

      Hi sorry to bother you, but can you please what did you do regarding the graphics cards switching from intel hd to nvidia & vice versa as i dont have any option to switch graphics card right now. thanks

  • Ricardo

    Thanks!!! This configuration works away better than others that I found for my Envy 15.

    • Glad it helped you thanks for letting me know!

  • ZiglioNZ

    You’re awesome, man!
    Much better now, makes an awful sound into a barely acceptable one on my HP 17 too.
    Now on this laptop, the sound definitely comes from the right side, which is a side effect of having a mid range woofer that has been placed on one side.

  • ZiglioNZ

    Question: the audio mixer still shows subwoofer as disabled, and any other speaker. Have you managed to enable them in the mixer to, or do you use any other tool? thx

  • Juan Diego Salcedo Salazar

    Thanks you, really helped!

  • pedro ramirez

    Great, thanks! it worked

  • Syed Raza Khalid

    I have tried your suggestion it helps but not, When i restart my laptop it was working for 10 mins maximum Sound stops. When i open the configuration again it showing me not connected option only??? Please see attached screen. Hope it help to understand issue am facing..

  • It works!!! Thank you very much!

  • Vulcano

    Thank you a lot…. Metal!!! lml

  • Thanks

  • Brian

    This worked perfectly for me on 14.04.3 LTS!!!!
    Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work in 15.10. 🙁
    Hopefully it will work in 16.04 or maybe they’ll update the driver to work out of the box.

    Thanks a million for this.

  • Just to say it works for me on 17″ HP Envy Notebook Ubuntu 16.04. Thanks you really saved me time messing with config’s. I don’t know if it makes the subwoofer work, but it certainly helped improve the sound quality!